What to Know Before Procuring a Portable Toilet


Prior to procuring a portable toilet many questions must first be answered. One of the major concerns is the number of portable toilets that are required and the type of event. One should take into account the size of the event and locality and topography of the place in regard to transportation of the portable toilets.

How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need?

As an entrepreneur, once you have identified the company to rent a portable toilet from you should determine the number of portable toilets you need depending on the size of your pocketbook. Different companies charge their products depending on their clients, events and the location of the event. So much consideration should be taken depending on the location of the event.


Portable toilets have to be cleaned after use and it should not be a complicated issue. To achieve this cleaners should be stationed next to the facilities to do regular cleaning. Clean portable toilets are always efficient to use. Once full, portable toilets have to be emptied and this depends on the tanks and the supplier. In regards to sanitation of the portable toilets you should have an idea of how they are supposed to be emptied in case it fills. In case of an emergency portable toilets with huge tanks should be stationed around to prevent unnecessary panic. Using portable toilets with smaller tanks can be stressful because in the event one fills up, getting a replacement from the supplier can be costly and take unnecessary time.


Renting portable toilets also can come with some challenges. One of them is the idea of disposing waste. The supplier should dispose waste in municipal sewer or treatment plants. Extra cost is needed to dispose in private treatment plants. A written legal requirement should be made regarding the maintenance of the portable toilets. Some portable toilets are made of plastic, which can be damaged if poorly handled. An agreement should be made on how the damage should be replaced by the supplier.


Portable toilets saves money and time. In construction sites, they reduce the labor cost by reducing the time taken by a worker looking for a municipal toilet. Some construction sites lack some of the basic amenities like toilets forcing workers to look for municipal toilets to relieve themselves. Portable toilets have been adopted by many site engineers during startup of their work.


The portable toilets generate income at big events and gatherings. People tend to stay longer hence using the facility more often leading to more revenue collection. In beaches and recreational parks they are mostly used as amenities. At beaches, for example, it’s hard to find permanent toilets. People prefer to use portable toilets. Also in recreational parks where toilets are scarce and dirty. Portable toilets are becoming a major source of income and also one of the amenities preferred in conserving the environment at major gatherings.


Portable toilets is an industry which is lucrative and expanding at an alarming rate. It is a great service industry. Today most government institutions and private entities prefer the service of portable toilets because they are cheap, convenient, and environment friendly. Portable toilets are affordable and easily transported, and offer maximum convenience where temporary sanitation is required.

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