Cleaning Portable Camping Toilets


Having a portable toilet during camping activity is a great way to keep the environment and the surroundings clean and hygienic. Portable camping toilets are usually comfortable to use. Portable camping toilets usually keep the waste inside their tanks and therefore they are important to keep them clean for as long as you use them. Keeping your portable camping toilet clean begins with proper maintenance of the toilet. This following procedure should be undertaken when cleaning a portable camping toilet.

Use Anti-Bacterial Spray

When cleaning a portable toilet, it is important to use anti-bacterial spray which will fight various bacteria and it stops them from multiplying. They also reduce the lifespan of bacteria. It is important to keep close attention to the areas where germs are most likely to hide and multiply i.e toilet seats and door handles. Cleaning tablets can also be used to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria and also fight bad odor. They are usually use at least once a month.

Use High-Pressure Hot Water

When cleaning a portable camping toilet it is advisable to use a high-pressure hot water which will remove dust and dirt while the hot water kills the living bacteria preventing them from multiplying.


Emptying the waste tank also is a vital practice when cleaning and maintaining proper hygiene of the portable camping toilet. A high-pressure suction machine is usually used and it attaches to an external waste removal hole to be emptied. The machine works in a similar way to a vacuum and it can hold a large amount of waste from the tank. You should use heavy duty rubber gloves when carrying out this suction to protect your skin from coming in contact with the waste materials and soil, which are usually inhabited by germs and bacteria.


It is necessary for you to add chemical fluids after every cleaning to fight germs and viruses that are usually found in the human waste. Some chemicals are designed to break down human waste, which is usually toxic while others are designed to lump them together into a solid and make them less odorless.


You should also use odor removing fluids in the portable toilet tank system in order to improve and give the best experience when using these toilets. It is also important that you always open the door of the mobile toilet in order to air out for some time as the smell inside the toilet can grow very strong and become unbearable to the users.


Toilet papers and other consumables must be replaced regularly to maintain proper hygiene of the portable camping toilet. Specific kinds of tissues are usually used and people are usually advised not to flush objects down the tank of the mobile toilets. Other consumables like soaps and hand sanitizers are important in maintaining health safety standards and should always be checked and replaced when they get finished.


Due to the growing health concerns in the society, most campers are always advised to put into consideration carrying portable camping toilets. They are usually easy to use and are discrete and are great for those who constantly experience incontinence while on the road. Purchasing a mobile toilet is easy and it is usually convenient for people who are always on the move. Proper hygiene and good health start with you. So you might as well think twice before sneaking into the woods late at night to contaminate the environment. Mobile toilets might as well save your life from suspicious eyes in the woods.

If you have other suggestions for maintaining portable camping toilets, drop us a line.