Ten Proven Methods to Make Your Portable Restroom Rental Experience Go Smoothly

Renting a portable restaurant can be a convenient, simple, and low cost sanitary solution for any outdoor event. Prior to delivery, though, there are a few important tips you should know to make the most out of your rental. Here are ten quick and easy tips to make sure your next rental is a success.

Under normal conditions most people will use the restroom every three to five hours. Now take into consideration the consumption of food or alcohol and that number can quickly change. While there are plenty of variables that come into play we typically recommend one restroom per 100 guests for a normal four to six hour event. This will help avoid long lines and over usage.

Thinking of placing your restroom in a backyard? No problem. Here are a few quick measurements to consider before delivery. This will ensure that the restroom will fit properly into your backyard. If your yard is fenced you want to make sure your gate has a minimum clearance of 50 inches for a basic restrooms, 55 inches for a deluxe flushable, or 65 inches for a handicapped accessible restroom. We also recommend that you restroom be no further than 40 feet from a service truck. Anything further and we may have a hard time emptying the waste at the end of your event.

As you already know proper hand washing is an important practice in helping prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Knowing this you may want to consider adding hand sanitizer or even a running water sink to your order to improve the hygiene at your event.

Keeping unwanted guests out of your restroom is easier than you might think. For example, consider adding a lock kit or even a zip tie during afterhours to discourage passer byers from using or abusing them. Always remember to provide the portable restroom company with the key if you’re using your own lock so that they can properly service your restroom.

What makes a restroom scary at night? You guessed it, not being able to see. If your restroom is being delivered to a dark location consider having the company install a small LED light. Lights can be added to your order for a minimal charge and allow for easy nighttime operation. If you forget the light don’t panic, the restroom roof is made of a translucent plastic, which allows light to pass easily by. Placing a restroom near a street light or even a porch light and you’re set for evening usage.

Worried about your rental getting damaged or vandalized? Consider adding damage waiver protection. For as little as $10 per restroom you can be protected from expensive repair costs that arise from graffiti, vandalism, or even unit destruction.

Remember portable restrooms and strong winds don’t mix. Whenever possible try to place your restroom against a wall or even a structure to help fight strong wind gusts. For additional support consider having the company stake the units. Stakes are an easy and inexpensive way to anchor your restaurant for maximum support.

Always have your restroom delivered to a location that is high and dry, far away from storm drains or flood prone areas. With the chance of a rainstorm you would hate to make your guests swim to the restroom.

For maximum convenience always consider where your guests would most likely look to find a restaurant. Whether it be near a beer garden or main entry you’ll want to ensure your restrooms are placed in a highly visible location within walking distance. Restrooms should always be accessible, especially for those with special needs. If ordering a handicap restroom be considerate. Place it near a sidewalk or even a paved area so patrons can enter easily.

Are you planning a multi-day event? Consider having your restroom serviced the morning of each new day. This ensures your guests have a freshly cleaned restroom without any sign of the prior day’s use.

While not as glamorous as a venue, caterer, or DJ portable restrooms are an important necessity that you won’t want to forget. They not only protect our environment but increase our standard of living and save millions of gallons of water each year.