The Worst Possible Places to Put the Portable Restrooms At Your Event

Planning to throw a large outdoor event? Some important decisions that will affect its success involve portable restrooms–how many are needed, how much the rentals will cost, and of course, the potentially dicey question of where exactly to place them. The sensitive nature of portable restrooms means there are many factors to consider in the logistics of choosing a location. You have to consider everything from what’s most convenient for your guests to how to ensure their basic safety.

To get you started in the decision-making process, here’s a list of where you should NEVER place your portable restrooms– unless you want your event to be remembered for its poor planning.

An Area Inaccessible to Maintenance Trucks

Guess what? Those portable restrooms will have to get cleaned out, especially if your event is unfolding over multiple days. There are special maintenance trucks with built-in vacuums used for this important task and you have to remember that they must have reasonable access in order to do the job well. Be sure the restrooms are not blocked by any obstacles, too far from a road, on terrain that can’t be navigated, or otherwise unreachable for this necessary function.

Near Where Food is Being Prepared or Consumed

You can be absolutely sure that your guests do not want their food to be anywhere near a restroom. Even if the nightmarish possibility of unpleasant smells doesn’t happen, it’s psychologically off-putting as well as unhygienic. Avoid this unforgivable lapse by placing the portable restrooms comfortably away from any food-related activity taking place at your event.

An Uneven Surface

Make sure the ground where you place your portable restrooms is entirely level because a bumpy or sloping surface would present basic safety issues. Even if the restrooms aren’t actually likely to tip over or wobble, if they only look unstable, your guests will complain. It’s extremely unpleasant to feel unsafe when you are in such a vulnerable position. The ideal spot would be paved, but a grassy area will do as long as it is entirely flat.

Too Far Away From The Main Events

lf, in your haste to tuck the portable restrooms away somewhere discreet, you’ve placed them at a significant walking distance from where people will be, you can be sure that many guests will be upset. Remember that convenience is key when thinking about this basic necessity–people who are elderly, disabled or who have young children will be especially affected if the restroom is too hard to reach. Even if it’s not an actual emergency, no one will enjoy having to take a long hike away from their activity. If your event is taking place in a very large area, it’s a good idea to stagger the portable restrooms appropriately throughout the venue.There are certainly other factors to consider–such as how to comply with local sanitation laws and which reputable company should be chosen to provide and service the portable restrooms. But just be sure to avoid placing them in one of these worst possible places and you’ve already solved one of the tricky aspects of having a successful outdoor event.