Types of Inexpensive Portable Bathrooms for your Next Camping Outing

If you love the outdoors and go camping occasionally, it may be best to get yourself a portable bathroom that will make you look forward to your camping trip. Today there are several inexpensive portable bathrooms in the market today. There are several portable bathrooms from which you can pick based on your needs and budget. They come in different sizes and features and you get to pick those that not only suit your budget but those that will serve you efficiently.

Reasons why you should invest in portable toilets
These come in handy when you are doing any long trip travels on roads that are unlikely to have washrooms. Rather than having an uncomfortable journey, you can be comfortable knowing that in case of emergencies, you are covered. Portable bathrooms come in different styles and at different budgets. The only difference is some are more hygienic than others.

Types of portable bathrooms Chemical portable bathrooms
These are similar to the normal bathrooms in appearance and functionality. When it comes to hygiene, these are the best and most comfortable of all the portable bathrooms. These go for about $120 and they can serve you for a very long time

Plastic bags
These work although they are not the most comfortable. They are also not hygienic. There are some that have been designed specifically for this use and you only get to use them once and dispose of Biffy bags are an example of these bags. A 3 pack biffy bag goes for $10.

The use of buckets
There are several commercial buckets that have been specifically prepared for this use. They are light and it is best to use a plastic bag as well. There are some that have been specifically designed for this purpose such as the luggable loo which costs about $40.

Things to consider when buying portable bathrooms

The weight and size
If you will be moving the bathroom, especially for the outdoors, it needs to be heavy enough to use but light enough to carry to where you need it to be Chemical bathrooms resemble the normal bathrooms in terms of weight and hygiene. When buying this portable bathroom, it is important to consider the weight and height of those who will be using it If they are adults, then you need to pick one that is higher than the ground. If there are children, then you can get one closer to the ground.

Although it is difficult not to consider cost, the comfort when using a portable bathroom is equally important. There are several types of portable bathrooms available and it is important to consider the level of comfort when making the decision.

When looking for portable bathrooms, it is very important to consider cost as well as other factors. If you go camping often or if you are on the road a lot, it may be necessary for you to get a portable bathroom. When selecting one, it is important to look at the long-term cost of the portable bathroom of choice.